Free Marketing Services for Nonprofits

Extending service to nonprofit sectors as social responsibility

Social impact through digital marketing

Marketing has come a long way from traditional “in the paper” ads. Digital marketing offers a new hope for nonprofit organizations to expand their message. The challenge is to spread awareness without spending a large amount of money. At Digiswell Marketing we strive to achieve this challenge with our complimentary services.

Marketing for nonprofits

We proudly associate with charity organizations and offer the best of digital marketing services to nonprofit organizations for free. Online marketing is an excellent tool for nonprofit organizations to reach out to an enormous audience and spread awareness. It is time to make your message heard!

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    Search Engine Optimization

    If you have a website for your organization it is important for the site to be well optimized in order to draw more traffic.

    • Our free service. We offer a top quality service completely free of cost for nonprofit organizations. We understand and support your social cause and want to spread awareness to this cause without you having to worry about breaking the bank.
    • Keyword targeting with focus. We research for find the best performing keywords in your industry and assign them to the appropriate pages on your website. We find the keywords that drive sales.
    • Winning content strategies. Not only will we optimize the content on your current webpages but we will show you the secrets to developing content that will keep members and customers coming back.
    SEO Solutions

    Web Design

    Web Design Services

    For keeping your visitors on your site and turning them into supporters or followers, it is essential to have an impressive website. Our extremely talented creative designers are capable of delivering high-quality, innovative designs for your website free of charge.

    • Thorough consultation. We make it a priority to learn about our client’s needs, likes, dislikes, and any ideas they may have for their website before crafting a blueprint for development.
    • Capturing the vision. After an initial consultation, our team goes to the drawing board and creates several distinctive design concepts that provide different concepts based on your wants.
    • User friendliness. We build websites that engage people, and our goal is to convince them of your powerful message. We incorporate clear paths for users to ensure they understand what your message really means.

    Pay Per Click Advertising

    Anyone can create a PPC campaign, but creating one that will deliver results requires a great deal of research and analysis. We structure your campaign that will drive the right customers to you.

    • Effective keyword targeting. We seek to find the keywords that can help your advertisement thrive without having to spend too much of your budget. By looking at competition and other factors, we make sure you’re reaching your full potential.
    • Landing page selection. When creating a PPC ad, choosing your landing page is very important. We will help make sure that when someone clicks on your ad they are sent to a landing page with a great call to action that will give them the best opportunity to convert.
    • Writing engaging ads. One of the most important aspects of a successful campaign comes down to how your ads are written. We write ads that entice users to click on them, but also encourage them to transact.
    Pay Per Click advertising

    Social Media Marketing

    social media marketing

    Being able to distinguish the difference between social media and traditional advertising is key. We create strategies that build conversations with your customers so that when they are in the market, they think of you.

    • Forming the strategy. Our team first learns about the client’s needs and who their customer base is. Doing so will help identify the social networks most important to your business.
    • Content and promotion strategy. We create a plan for creating content and publishing across your accounts so we can hit the ground running. Engaging content will encourage your customers to make purchases and also share their experiences with their friends.
    • Building your influence. As your following increases, so does your social influence and authority. The more engaging the content you create, the more influential your organization will become.